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Fight: Bonuses [Tournament Wiki]


Battles between ants occur when one anthill decides to attack the foraging row or secondary colony of another anthill.

The damage attribute of the ants improves the offensive capacity while the defense attribute improves the defensive capacity of the army.

The combat capacity of an army is made up of both its offensive and defensive capacity.

- An army with great offensive capacity will generate many losses in the rival.
- An army with high defensive capabilities will suffer fewer casualties and injuries during combat.


If the attacking army has a greater number of scouts, it can ambush the enemy, gaining a bonus to its offensive capacity.
If he does not have enough scouts and is detected, the defender takes cover and the attacker suffers a penalty to his offensive ability.


If the attacking army is made up of a larger number of ants, it gets a small bonus to its defensive ability.
If the defensive army is greater than the attacking one, it surrounds the enemy, slightly penalizing its defensive capacity.


If the attacking army is more mobile, it gets a small bonus to its offensive ability.
If the defending army has greater mobility, the attacking army receives a small penalty in its offensive capacity.


There are also other own bonuses granted by the constructions of different chambers:

"Room: Sala de Guardia", "Room: Túnel de Ventilación", "Room: Sala de Espera", "Room: Hilera de Rescate", "Room: Salidas Secundarias", "Room: Brigada de Asalto"


In addition, there are other bonuses typical of the different castes of ants:

"Ants: Soldado Raso", "Ants: Cuerpo a Cuerpo", "Ants: Artillera", "Ants: Portera", "Ants: Explorador", "Ants: Tanque", "Ants: Guardia Real"

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