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Fight [Tournament Wiki]


Battles between ants occur when one anthill decides to attack the foraging row or secondary colony of another anthill.

The damage attribute of the ants improves the offensive capacity while the defense attribute improves the defensive capacity of the army.

The combat capacity of an army is made up of both its offensive and defensive capacity.

- An army with great offensive capacity will generate many losses in the rival.
- An army with high defensive capabilities will suffer fewer casualties and injuries during combat.

In order to perform raids on ant rows you need to build: "Rooms: Guard Room".
* At level five you can also attack secondary colonies of other ants.


Attacks against rows do not cause casualties, only wounds. If the attacker achieves victory, he manages to steal as many resources as his collecting capacity can carry.

Secondary Colonies

Attacks against secondary colonies cause casualties and injuries. If the attacker achieves victory, he gets a zone with meat. Each ant dropped in battle increases the amount of meat available in the area.
In addition, if he achieves a great victory, he has the possibility of conquering the rival colony.
The greater the difference between the combat capacity of the attacker and the defender, the greater the possibilities of conquest.

If he manages to conquer the colony and has at least two available queens, the attacker sends a queen to the colony and colonizes it.
If the attacker does not have at least two queens, he exterminates the rival colony and leaves it. The exterminated colonies disappear.

- The same secondary colony can only be attacked once every 6 hours.
- The secondary colonies that we can attack are those that are between 50% and 200% of our development points.

"Ants: Soldier", "Ants: Body Soldiers", "Ants: Artillery", "Ants: Gatekeeper", "Ants: Explorer", "Ants: Tank", "Ants: Royal Guard"

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